Bizeta: high frequency machines for footwears, high fashion leather goods and luggage that you are looking for

Bizeta is the leader company in manufacturing and selling high frequency welding machines and welding/ blanking machines in sectors like footwear, high fashion leather goods and luggage.

Our machines can emboss, blank and screen print up to four colours from sheets and rolls to manufacture uppers, tips, laces, and tongues, closing straps, inner parts for shoes on synthetic materials or leathers, slippers, rain boots, safety shoes, sport shoes. Bizeta’s machines are suitable even for high fashion leather goods like pouches, wallets, bags, purses and cardholders, phone holders and belts, suitcases, travel bags and beauty-cases.

Our wide range includes:

  • high frequency welding machines with a movable or fixed working planes,
  • high frequency welding/ blanking machines with movable superimposed or opposite planes,
  • high frequency welding/ blanking machines with automatic feeder for welding and blanking of material from roll,
  • high frequency welding/blanking machines with rotating table for welding and/or embossing, blanking and screen-printing up to four colours the materials from sheet.

You can buy both brand new and second-hand machines. Our second-hand is a “guaranteed second-hand” and the machines are overhauled and are sold with Bizeta’s guarantee. 

Reliability, innovation and precision is the lasting partnership that allowed our company to achieve a niche on the national and international market.

Bizeta: the quality brand!