Bizeta: high frequency welding and welding/blanking machines for clothing

The high frequency welding and welding/ blanking machines are manufactured to produce synthetic material and coupled leather labels, relief application on logos and brands on general clothing and on finished clothes, sport or work clothing and on army uniforms.

Our wide range includes:

  • high frequency welding machines with a movable or fixed working planes,
  • high frequency welding/ blanking machines with movable superimposed or opposite planes,
  • high frequency welding/ blanking machines with automatic feeder to weld and blank from rolls,
  • high frequency welding/ blanking machines with rotating table to weld and/or emboss, blank and screen print up to four colours the materials from sheet.

You can buy both brand new and second-hand machines. Our second-hand is a “guaranteed second-hand” and the machines are overhauled and sold with Bizeta’s guarantee.

Bizeta is the brand that offers on the market high frequency machines with the most innovative technology.

The quality of our machines is guaranteed by the reliability that has always distinguished us, while the strict selection of the building materials guarantees a prolonged lasting in time.

Visiting our web site, you can see some our proposals.

Each model is suitable to be insert in the various production cycles, even in the most complex; they can be manufactured according to the needs of the customer and they always assure a perfect result in short times.

Bizeta: we care about your success!