Bizeta: the high frequency welding and welding/ blanking machines that achieved the orthopaedic market

Our welding and welding/blanking machines are suitable for the realization of items from rolls for orthopaedics articles like: cervical collars, corsets, wristband and wrist wrap, orthosis, arch supports and insoles.

Bizeta is the leader company in the sector of manufacturing and selling high frequency welding and welding/blanking machines.

Our wide range includes:

  • high frequency welding machines with fixed or movable working-planes,
  • high frequency welding/ blanking machines with movable superimposed or opposite planes,
  • high frequency welding/blanking machines with rotating table to weld and/or emboss, blank and screen print up to four colours of particulars from sheet.

You can buy both brand new and used machines. Our is a “guaranteed second-hand” and the machines are overhauled and sold with Bizeta’s guarantee.

“Practical, functional and easy to use, our welding machines are manufactured with first quality materials. They are planned to offer the best results and to last in time.”

Bizeta: the company of the future, choose our quality!