BZ 100/AL

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Thanks to brass aluminium and steel electrodes, the machine executes the welding on PVC sheets and PU rolled.

The supply of rolls material is executed by an automatic pliers feeder. It is possible to execute the welding or the welding/blanking at the same time depending on the type of electrodes.

The machine is equipped with a high sensibility anti-discharge circuit, digital timers to program the working cycle and protection devices against high frequency electrical fields.

OPTIONAL: electrodes-holder plane’s preheater.


Technical features 


BZ 100/AL

Max welding force



Max power efficiency at the electrodes



Nominal operating frequency



Standard electrode-holder plate dimensions


500 x 600

The above-mentioned aesthetic and technical specifications are not binding. Our company reserves itself the right to introduce, without any notice, any changes in order to improve the working and the output of the machine.